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Service Tenet Two years warranty Lifelong maintenance free
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    Fast After Sales Technical calls to troubleshoot your problems, minor problems are handled easily. Send it back if you can't handle it,after-sales technical support assures you products.

Excellent quality & Servies is our core competitiveness

STAGE ART Suoyi has always regarded quality as the key point.Selected materials,the case is scratch-proof and flame-retardant.In order to prevent the lamp holder from overheating and burning the cover,we add a gobo for it;Lens are coated on both sides;Fans are quasi-high temperature flame retardant fans imported from Taiwan,and the heat dissipation system is tested by professional instruments;The belt is imported pioneer, which is not easy to break and wear;The lamp board is imported from the original, and the air guide groove of the bulb part is made by precise temperature measurement with professional technical instruments.

The light source is imported,and it can be reported by the partner to give us authorization or temperature measurement.Each bulb has a bar code, which can be found in batches.From inside to outside,it comes from my heart.This is also our core competitiveness.

Service Standards and Customer Groups

Two years warranty,Lifelong maintenance free.

Two years warranty(Light source not include),reliable use,not to worry about the products.Two years later will be charged for accessories,Lifelong maintenance free.


Large-scale cultural performances, TV stations, studios, bars, wedding celebrations

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