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ArgentinaHow to Do A Good Job In Lighting and Sound Engineering?

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Lighting and sound engineering will encounter some problems when doing the project, but only look at the problem more and less, light and heavy. If it is in a more complicated technology type of project, then the problems encountered will increase. Some audio projects will use audio and lighting system equipment, so that more and more problems will be encountered, and the technical requirements of the system are different, so the problem is inevitable, So here we will introduce some problems in audio and lighting engineering for you.

Here, according to the characteristics of sound engineering, the planning of the project has the primary effect on the quality and development of the whole project. Therefore, the time of construction must be carried out according to the planning and relevant specifications, which can greatly reduce the flood in the construction. Most of the problems that arise, during the time of the major, the difficult problems of the project during the commissioning period, even after a period of time to show. Since it is a difficult problem, it is often a long-term observation when it is disposed of. It is often a painstaking examination. The problem still exists. Some time-division problems are unimaginable and they are not seen at all. Then I don’t know what happened. It makes people very headache, presumably every time. A person who is engaged in sound engineering technology will have a different degree of understanding. But of course, these questions are expressed through the methods of the forest. If there is nothing wrong with the plan, then there is only one foundation for the problem, that is, the construction link is exposed, so even if it is a difficult problem, it can still be disposed of. . The following are some typical problems we meet, based on the our practical engineering experience.

1-The equipment housing with electrified.

Because all the equipment operations of the sound engineering must use electricity, the problem of charging some parts of the equipment can be encountered first during commissioning. Of course, the power supply of the outer casing does not necessarily affect the operation of the equipment, but it will endanger the safety of the user and must be safely disposed.

2-The sound system lacks volume.

When the project is commissioned, the volume of the sound is often small, which does not meet the requirements of the planned sound pressure level. This indicates that the device has problems in the equipment and settings.

3-Resonance and response occur in the sound field.

Of course, in the planning and construction of the real considerations, but it is inevitable that there are not too comprehensive and unpredictable local, and the occurrence of these problems will definitely affect the normal use, about to eliminate, find the second!

4 - Disturbing Noise

There are many times when the noise engineering encounters annoying noise, and the cause of the occurrence is also different. Generally, it is very troublesome to deal with, but only correct analysis, the reason for the system construction, and the analysis can be handled well.

5-Light Out of Control

In the sound engineering, sometimes the lighting movement is uncoordinated, and it is not controlled by the controller and unintentionally accidentally occurs. In some cases, a slight loss of control will not bring a big impact, but it is assumed that the problem cannot be disposed of for a long time. The shortcomings can be further expanded, and the malfunction of the lights together cannot be tolerated in the works used.

6-Video Image Abnormality

Video transmission interval of professional audio engineering is generally relatively long. Generally, signals need to be processed and distributed via video, and then to multiple flash devices. There are many links in the center. Because of different reasons,the quality of the video image may be poor due to different reasons, which may affect the viewing effect. Then you can reset it according to the situation.

7-Wireless Talker Problem

Nowadays, most of the audio projects are equipped with wireless microphones, but because of the improper equipment and debugging, there are a number of flat applications, especially in the beginning, the operation status of wireless speakers will directly affect the quality of the play, so This is an important issue that cannot be ignored.

The above seven questions, technical staff who do sound engineering will encounter a few, so we must be careful, the details are the most important, the details determine victory or defeat, quality achieves the future

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